Dive into the power of deep listening and self-expression through a workshop designed to help activate, explore and empower your voice.

Through a combination of breath work, movement and circle singing, step into a safe space for singers of all backgrounds to explore the healing power of voice work.

This session will be designed progressively and we will build upon a repertoire of exercises and explorations of vocal work in studio together with the intention to enhance our capacities to listen, feel and connect with our voices.

We are happy to be offering a sliding-scale pricing model for this offering to help support access to these workshops for everyone. 

10am - 12:30pm. 

December 7th 

Please note: no previous singing or vocal work is necessary to participate. We invite a willingness to show up and lean into both the discomfort and all the powerful feelings that may arise from this work.




with Natalie + Alecs Kakon @ Arabesque Burlesque (Villeray)

We all have stories that govern our past, but some of those stories trickle into our present and create a negative impact on how we know ourselves. How can we write away our limiting beliefs so that we can have a future of limitless possibilities?

Writing can have a therapeutic effect if put to task to uncover the inner workings of one’s mind. By learning a few basic writing skills, you’ll have the tools needed to journal your way to self-empowerment.

Natatlie Kakon is a movement teacher + co-founder of ELMNT Studio.

Alecs Kakon is a freelance writer and editor based on Montreal. Alecs received her PhD in Literature in 2019 from the University of Montreal and is currently working on her first book.

October 26th 10am-12:30pm

November 23rd 10am-12:30pm







  1. a physical feeling or perception resulting from something that happens to or comes into contact with the body."a burning sensation in the middle of the chest"

  2. a widespread reaction of interest and excitement."her performance caused a sensation"

Explore what it means to drop into sensation in this hour long movement practice devoted to curiosity, discovery and excavation as a means to accessing the fullness of YOU!

We will dig deep into the nucleus at the centre of our selves; we will dance through contractions and expansions; we will create outlets and release what needs to be expressed - the big, the shiny, the gutteral.

We will move and groove! We will laugh and maybe even cry! We will connect around all the things that make us HUMAN! We will drop into Sensation and cause one at the very same time!

What to expect: An hour of intention-driven movement followed by an hour long safe circle centred around the theme of sensation and sensuality. 

Bonus: Our good friends at The Lake will be hosting a Touch + Feel event on either end of this workshop so that you can discover their line of *luxury* self-care products and body exploration devices!